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Claw Fasteners

The Claw Fasteners are developed especially for installation of straight deck boards without a groove of any width and at least 18-20 mm wide. 



The advantage of claw fasteners is the quick and easy hidden installation. As opposed to the conventional open installation method where self-threading screws are screwed in the board from the top, installation using claw fasteners is characterized by connection through the  of boards by means of impaling the board on the fastener claw. 

The Claw fasteners:

- are equipped with special sharp-edged prong - a claw;

- the claw is provided with a spacer automatically forming a gap between the connected boards;

- the fastener is fixed on the joist either by means of a shaft  tapped into it (DeckTie Key), or by a base screwed onto it (DeckTie Cobra);

- the board is impaled on a lateral face with the fastener claw and additionally fixed by a screw;

-  are designed for installation of softwood and medium-density boards (pine, cedar);

- are to be used to assemble decking, roads, quay piers, jetties, plinth and ornamental woodwork

G Key DeckTie

T Key DeckTie

with a spacer 6 mm galvanized zinc coated steelsteel with thermal diffusion coating, flat cone-shaped rod with a flat rectangular head

rod with three rows of notches and a stiffening rib

claw with a spacer 6 mm takes place on a log at   45 °

installation of traditional and actively used terraces

installation of planken larch, pine, cedar

G Cat DeckTie

with a spacer 6 mm galvanized zinc coated steel

two opposite-directed bases equipped with two claws

one claw with a spacer 6 mm at the height of 11 mm

express-installation traditional terraces,

garden paths, planked footway

installation of a planken larch, pine

G Cobra DeckTie

with a spacer 6 mm

galvanized zinc coated steel two different directed bases

claw with a spacer of 6 mm at a height of 11 mm

       the base with three holes:

O1 -  for   fastening   on  a  joist

O2 - for fixing on a log at     45 °

O3 - for connection with a board

express-installation of traditional terraces, roads

installation of planken larch, pine